Refurbished Laser Marking System

Refurbished Laser Marking System


Cost Effective, Reliable, and Durable Refurbished Laser Marking Systems

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. provides fully warranted refurbished laser marking systems. Our cost efficient used laser marking systems are known to be as reliable and durable as new laser marking systems. These systems include all the attachments and accessories provided with the new models. All refurbished laser marking and engraving systems at Hai Tech Lasers are backed with a 1-year warranty.

Stringent Refurbishing Process

All used laser marking equipment at Hai Tech Lasers go through a comprehensive and stringent refurbishing process. This allows us to ensure optimum performance and quality. The refurbishing process for pre-owned laser marking equipment includes:

  • Full disassembly
  • Complete cleaning
  • Replacing worn out parts
  • Replacing missing or broken components
  • Replacing all optics if necessary
  • Replacing all consumables including laser rod, laser lamp, flow tubes, mirrors, lenses, etc.
  • Testing the final refurbished equipment to certify quality and ensure everything is working properly and reliably

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We understand that customers who are interested in refurbished lasers are generally looking for a good quality laser at a low price. Hence, we ensure that the refurbished or used laser marking systems offer optimum performance and longevity.

The machines we offer are procured from different sources and refurbished to offer the best results. Apart from Hai Tech Lasers brand machines, we also refurbish laser marking systems of other brands including Lee Laser, Control Laser, Lumonics, Quantronix, etc.

Why Opt for a Refurbished Laser Marking System by Hai Tech Lasers?

The following are some of the reasons to choose refurbished laser marking systems offered by Hai Tech Lasers:

  • Optimum quality and service at a lower price
  • As efficient and productive as new laser systems
  • 1 year warranty on all parts and components
  • Complete assistance after warranty period

If you have any further questions about our refurbished or used laser marking systems feel free to contact us. You can also call at +1 (661) 775-0210 or reach us via email at Our engineers will help you choose the best solution for your application.

Our Team is Here for You

At Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., we are committed to ensuring that your laser marking and laser engraving needs are being met in the safest, most reliable manner and remains our highest priority. As COVID-19 impacts our communities, we want to assure you that we are monitoring developments closely and are taking precautionary measures at our facility based on the latest State and Federal guidance. 

For the health and safety of our customers and employees, we are operating at a limited capacity with only critical staff and reduced hours of operation. We are still available to fulfill orders, provide quotes, and answer any questions by email or phone. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our customer service team at (661) 775-0210 or

 Thank You and Stay Safe