Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Engraving High Contrast Laser Marks on Robust Materials

HTL QT Fiber Laser Marking System 20-50 W

Hai Tech Lasers’ (HTL) QT air cooled fiber laser marking system is a compact unit that provides permanent and non-contact marks or engravings on nearly any material. Compatible with a wide range of parts and sizes, this machine helps label products for easy identification.

Options Available:

At HTL, we offer QT fiber laser marking systems with the following marking areas:

  • 4″ × 4″
  • 7″ × 7″
  • 12″ ×12″

Features of HTL Fiber Laser Marking System

The fiber laser marking system is one of the most popular industrial laser marking equipment available on the market, offering immense flexibility and convenience. The following features of this system provide an edge over other fiber laser marking system manufacturers in the USA:

  • It is rated for 20W, 30W, 50W, or higher laser power, with 2-200 kHz modulation frequencies.
  • It is equipped with a distortion corrected marking field and high-speed scanners for increased throughput.
  • Its marking chamber is rated for Class 1 safety.
  • It requires no additional printing materials such as toner, ink, or solvents to make permanent marks on substrates.
  • It offers maintenance-free and uninterrupted operation for many years.
  • It can be easily programmed, eliminating time consuming pre-adjustments.

Benefits of Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Fiber laser marking systems are excellent marking tools helping you create precise and abrasion resistant marks on metals and plastics, among others. Compared to other laser marking machine manufacturers in the USA, our system offers several benefits. These include:

  • It consumes less power than lamp pumped and diode pumped lasers.
  • It is ruggedly manufactured to offer several years of trouble free performance.
  • It can create marks or engravings on the work piece quickly, without damaging the substrate.
  • It has few moving parts, hence easy to maintain.
  • It can be easily integrated into various processes.
  • It provides the operator with complete design freedom to create texts, graphics, and logos.

We Help you Choose the Right System to Accomplish Your Job?

We are among the top custom laser marking machine manufacturers in the USA. At HTL, we support our customers in making the right and informed decision. We spend quality time to discuss and analyze your laser marking/engraving requirements. Based on your needs and applications, we design a laser system with the right configurations. Choosing the right system from the several sizes available helps you achieve the desired results accurately and quickly. Our engineers can also develop custom fiber laser marking systems based on your requirements.

Fiber Laser Marking MachinesFiberLaser3W


Wavelength1064 nmBeam PositioningGalvanometer
Output Power (Avg)20-50 WOpticsPlane Objective
Pulse Frequency2 kHz – 200 KHzFocal Length100 mm, 254 mm, or 300 mm
Marking Field4″x4″, 7″x7″, or 12″x12″Premark Image DisplayRed LED
Input Power115VAC, 1 PH  
Power Consumption1kW  
Air Cooled   

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