Firearm Industry Custom Laser Etching

Lasers are used for precise non-contact marking in the firearms industry. From marking barrel decorations to gun serialization marking, lasers are extremely efficient and provide incomparable results. Several parts of the firearm, such as the barrel, receiver, magazine, etc. can be customized using laser marking.

We at Hai Tech Laser, Inc. can make 2D and 3D markings on guns and accessories. Our machinery allows us to mark the surface of the firearms without altering any inner components or parts. With use of our precise systems, we ensure accurate results for any type of marking, such as bare aluminium, steel, or hard coat anodized marking.

Why Laser Marking?

Custom engraved spartan helmet on lower receiver of AR-15 rifle

The importance of laser marking for firearms cannot be overstated. Some of the reasons to opt for this service are:

  • Helps in identity protection by using specific identification numbers that cannot be changed.
  • Model numbers marking helps the Government in keeping track of all firearms being sold.
  • Laser marking is helpful for inventory purposes, both for sellers, stockers, and other related parties.
  • Personalization of the firearm is possible using laser marking.

We constantly upgrade our laser marking systems to integrate the latest technology with client products. We provide custom solutions as well that are developed in accordance with client and application requirements. By using high speed lasers, we provide results in quick turnaround time within expected time frames.

The permanent nature of laser marking is perfect for the firearm industry. We at Hai Tech Lasers also offer customized marking of firearms with any graphic, logo, or text. We work with our clients to provide results that are in sync with their expectations. Our technologically advanced machinery helps us in exceeding expectations. With exemplary service, we ensure complete customer satisfaction.


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