Laser Engraving Services in Los Angeles, CA

Lasers produce a high contrast and high resolution mark, making it ideal for permanent marking and engraving on a variety of materials. Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. offers one of the most remarkable industrial laser engraving services in California and Los Angeles.

Our laser systems are capable of engraving detailed and durable marks on metallic as well as non-metallic materials. Hai Tech Lasers’ systems can also engrave coated or painted metals, creating a contrast between the inner and outer colors.

Our laser engraving services are frequently required by various clients for unique materials such as anodized aluminum. Our laser marking machine removes a very thin layer of the pigment without interfering with the anodizing process and creates a detailed, high-contrast mark. The laser engraved details are not affected by cleaners, solvent chemicals, or salt water spray.

Benefits of Laser Engraving Over Traditional Processes

Laser engraving offers the following key benefits over traditional processes:

  • Controlled pre-programmable process
  • No wear or damage is caused to the workpiece
  • Wide variety of materials can be engraved precisely
  • Ideal for materials that are sensitive to heat and pressure
  • Extremely precise and sharp engravings can be achieved
  • Practically any design can be engraved
  • No frequent replacement of tool bits as seen in alternative engraving technologies like mechanical marking and ink jet printing

Applications of Hai Tech Lasers, Inc.’ Laser Engraving Systems

Our laser engraving machines are ideally used for varied applications, including:

Laser Engraving Services

What Material Can Be Laser Engraved?

Our laser engraving machines can produce beautiful results on a variety of materials. These include:

  • Different varieties of plastic, rubber, and acrylic materials.
  • Organic materials like wood, stone, granite, and marble.
  • Metals such as aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.
  • Other specialty materials like carbide, chrome, pewter, finished leather, glass, etc.

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