Laser Marking and Engraving Solutions for the Military and Defense Sector

The military and defense industry has particular requirements regarding identification of military property. Additionally, the machines and tools in this industry must withstand harsh conditions and heavy usage. This makes laser engraving and marking the preferred method to apply permanent marking to military parts and components.

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. caters to the demanding needs and high standards of the military and defense industry.

Benefits of Laser Marking for the Military and Defense Industry

Laser marking and engraving is used in the defense sector to add text and graphics to various military parts and equipment such as knives, firearms, helicopter parts, military vehicles, flashlights, and other tactical gear. The beneficial aspects of using laser marking and engraving for military vehicle parts marking and other purposes include:

  • High levels of accuracy and clarity
  • Crystal clear 2D bar code marking
  • Easy operation and problem-free maintenance
  • Resistance to different environmental conditions
  • Effective Unique Identification (UID) code marking
  • Deep and permanent marking to ensure complete traceability

Laser Marking for US Department of Defense Unique Identification (UID)

The US Department of Defense requires manufacturers to mark or tag certain assets with a UID code. This 2D Data Matrix code has a standard format, which includes crucial information such as Cage Code and Part Number. This requirement was established in accordance with MIL STD 130.

Hai Tech Lasers can produce UID plates and labels compliant with MIL STD 130 specifications. Our experience of working with aerospace and military companies allows us to offer fitting solutions for stringent military needs. Our customers in this sector can confidently say that they received exactly what was specified.


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