Semiconductors Laser Marking Solutions

The semiconductor industry relies heavily on lasers from production to post production processes. Lasers help in precision marking and cutting, ensuring brilliant results. In the semiconductor industry, lasers are used not only to mark wafers but also to separate them from the production line. Additionally, lasers are also used for defect analysis. Part number engraving and manufacturers name marking is performed on a wide variety of parts using this process.

Main Types of Services offered for the Semiconductor IndustryIn this industry, the products are created, marked, and finished using the following processes:

  • Laser Cutting:
    Lasers are used to cut parts after they have been produced. Using this machinery, even very small parts can be cut precisely. Some products contain a mix of soft and hard materials where extreme caution and flexibility is required during the cutting process. This is successfully achieved by using lasers.
  • Laser Marking:
    Depending on the material and process, the correct wavelength laser must be used. Processes like device serialization marking, logo marking, or part and lot number information marking can be achieved by using laser marking equipment of the required wavelength.
  • Deflashing:
    Manufacturing defects in products can have a negative impact on the parts function. For this reason, correction of these flaws is imperative. Lasers are used to correct these errors and provide a consistent product.

The above mentioned processes are used often in the semiconductor industry. Using lasers, several materials can be processed in this industry. Most common of these materials are various types of epoxy resins, metals, and plastic. Lasers are used in highly specialized processes with great success leading to enhancement of several products in the semiconductor industry.


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