Laser Marking Capabilities

Providing Laser Machines and Laser Services to Industrial Clients

At Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., we provide different types of laser services and equipment. Our laser services and wide equipment range are designed to meet various client requirements in-house. We also have the knowledge and experience to work with different metal and plastic materials.

How Hai Tech Lasers Meets Your Needs

We have a threefold advantage that puts us in a strong position to cater to commercial, industrial, branding, and marketing requirements of customers.

Laser Equipment We provide a range of new and refurbished laser machines to meet your laser marking and engraving needs:

The power range of these machines can range from 20 to over 150W. All our machines can be customized to your needs and can operate at a range of output frequencies.

Laser Services: The laser machines that we offer are versatile, and can be used to perform various tasks such as:

Our range of in-house laser equipment gives us the flexibility to work with different laser marking and engraving materials. We have the capability to mark texts, logos, bar codes, and serial numbers. We also provide UID laser marking services, which comply with MIL-STD-130.

Laser Equipment Customization: We provide custom laser marking machines specifically designed to meet the equipment requirements of clients. We can custom design the machines in terms of axes, fixtures, focus control, marking area, marking chambers, and types of lasers used.

Laser Marking Systems Upgrade: We can upgrade old lamp and diode pumped laser markers to the latest air-cooled fiber laser technology. This gives the machines great performance, without immense expenditure. We also try to utilize the old machine’s hardware wherever possible. This will ensure that your employees will waste no time in re acclimatizing themselves with the machine.

Our fiber laser markers can be configured in terms of power and output frequencies. We even provide replacement parts and accessories for machines that require repair. These various capabilities make Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. the best destination for laser equipment, and marking and engraving requirements. Peruse through our Capabilities subcategories for detailed information.


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