Laser Marking System Upgrade

Laser marking systems are reliable and durable. However, they may experience a number of types of failure with repeated usage and without proper maintenance. Unexpected breakdown results in costly downtime and expensive repairs. If your laser marking system is dated or the performance is degrading, then you need to utilize Hai Tech Lasers’ (HTL) laser system upgrade services.

Upgrade Your Existing Laser engraving system to Expand Its Capacity and Improve Performance

By using HTL laser marking system upgrade services, you will benefit from the following:

  • Our HTL laser marking system upgrade services can be utilized to make your current equipment more efficient, compact, and maintenance free. This keeps you from purchasing a new system, thereby saving major cost.
  • Our service can be used to upgrade or retrofit your current laser marking system to the latest air cooled fiber technology. With this upgrade, there will be no need for a water pump, chiller, or any form of water cooling. There is no arc lamp, thereby eliminating the cost and downtime associated with periodic replacement of the lamp.
  • By upgrading your outdated machines to the latest fiber laser technology, you can save energy to a great extent. The machines upgraded to fiber laser technology consume less power and only need a standard 120V outlet to function.

Download the spreadsheet to get a better idea on the cost savings a Fiber Laser can provide.

Our Services

The following services are provided under the HTL laser marking system upgrade.

  • Visual and functional inspection of all components.
  • Exchange/repair of parts if required.
  • Quick maintenance using original parts.
  • Complete refurbishment of units to modern operating standards.
  • Service report of work performed.
  • Training on ‘preventive maintenance’.

In our experience, most system upgrades only require installing a new laser, electronic control units, and a computer with pre-installed software.

Benefits of Our Laser Marking Equipment Upgrade Services

Upgrading your laser marking system to the newest technology is imperative to achieving optimum results. Our laser marking equipment upgrade services can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Prevention of unplanned downtime.
  • Can achieve outstanding capacity and beam quality.
  • Systems are checked by qualified personnel.
  • Can receive competent technical advice on site.

Upgrade your Older Laser Engraving System to the Latest Fiber Laser Technology Cost-effectively

HTL can provide laser marking system repair and upgrade with a short turnaround time. With the help of a brilliant process and proficient technicians, you can easily upgrade your systems to the latest technology. By utilizing this service, newer equipment need not be purchased, saving a huge amount of money. Along with these services, we also offer on-site training to help acclimatize your staff with the new technology. Our laser marking equipment repair services can also be provided on-site.

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Fiber Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Housekeeping Control Electronics Output Power (Avg) 20-50 Watts
Computer and Pre-Installed Software Pulse Frequency 2-200 kHz
INSPECTION (rarely need replacement) ELECTRICAL  
Scanning Assembly Input Power 115 VAC, 1 PH
F-Theta Lens Power Consumption 2 kW
Scan Rail    

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