Hai Tech Lasers AS9100 Certification for Aerospace Applications

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., is committed to providing excellence in service to meet the requirements for laser marking systems that quickly, easily, and permanently identify parts and assemblies used in all aspects of aerospace and defense applications. To ensure that our processes, products, and services meet the highest standards, we have attained AS9100 certification for aerospace industries. AS9100 has been endorsed by all major Aerospace regulators, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Department of Defense.

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An AS9100 Certified Manufacturer

AS9100 is the international quality management system standard for the aircraft, space, and defense industries. The standard requires suppliers to maintain a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) for providing safe, compliant, and reliable products for aerospace and defense applications.   

Attaining AS9100 certification for our laser marking and cutting services demonstrates our commitment to quality management that supports the highest standards of aerospace products.

Being AS9100 Certified is important to:

    • Hai Tech Lasers because it demonstrates and confirms that the laser marking and cutting services we provide meets the highest standards of products and services, and equally high standards of quality management and customer satisfaction.
  • Our Customers because it establishes a level of confidence in our services that ensure them that they will have quality laser marks or cuts that satisfy the most stringent requirements of aerospace and defense applications.

The Quality Management System (QMS)

Hai Tech’s AS9100 QMS is structured to support our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by focusing on Corporate Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance Evaluation, Process Improvement, and most importantly, Customer Service and Satisfaction.


The success of any company is dependent on sound leadership principles that focus on customer needs and satisfaction. Hai Tech Lasers’ guiding principles of excellent customer satisfaction begin with leadership at the highest level of management and flow throughout the entire enterprise.

For AS9100, senior management must demonstrate the commitment—and the leadership—needed to deliver the highest quality laser marking products and services for aerospace components. This includes effectively communicating this commitment to all levels of the company. Additionally, measurable KPIs are provided to allow all employees to assess the quality of their performance.

Hai Tech Lasers’ AS9100 certification demonstrates our commitment to the principles and benefits of implementing and managing our QMS to:

  • Produce and continually improve reliable laser marks and cuts.
  • Meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements to ensure satisfaction
  • Ensure processes necessary to conduct day-to-day business are defined and managed
  • Documentation that accurately reflects the work being performed and actions taken
  • Focus on the complete supply chain and stakeholders
  • Be recognized by Regulatory Authorities
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction and business growth

Planning – The Process Approach

The AS9100 certified QMS for our laser marking systems is supported by comprehensive planning required to pursue opportunities, identify and mitigate risks, achieve objectives, and manage change. Achieving success requires establishing measurable outcomes so that real success can be achieved.

Hai Tech applies a continuing process of planning, execution, evaluation, and adjustment to achieve defined goals. Our planning is focused on desired results but is sufficiently flexible to adapt as processes evolve.

Details of a plan include event sequence, quality standards at key intervals, schedules, dates for completion and reviews for overall effectiveness, quality, and efficiency.

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Support and Resources

Adequate staffing, tools, needed materials, and facilities are an integral part of the QMS. Training and competency are essential for efficient production and staff morale. Effective levels of communications convey aerospace part marking quality and production expectations. All production equipment is to be routinely inspected for safe and efficient operation. All manufacturing processes and safety procedures are well documented and supported by appropriate training.

Operational Management

Operational management is a comprehensive view of all administrative and manufacturing processes. At Hai Tech Lasers, this begins with an understanding of customer requirements for aerospace part marking and culminates in the successful production and delivery of a reliable product.

Note that “customers” can be both external and internal.  Due to the critical nature of aerospace part and assembly tracking, practical methodologies for planning and controlling operations are essential. Laser marking technologies tend to evolve as engineers and manufacturing personnel find refinements in both product functionality and producibility. Configuration management is essential to document changes and maintain version control.

Safety is always a key consideration in any manufacturing environment, and all possible steps to ensure both employee safety and identify and mitigate safety issues for customers/product users is of the highest importance.

Performance Evaluation and Process Improvement

As part of the QMS, Hai Tech conducts continuous laser product improvements and evaluation to ensure that operations continue to meet and exceed production quality, performance, and life-cycle requirements and customer expectations. Production processes are constantly evaluated. Improvements are implemented that enhance safety, quality, productivity, and/or customer satisfaction.

As an AS9100 organization Hai Tech will be vigilant for deficiencies in production and identify opportunities for improvement. This involves constant monitoring of processes and products. KPIs apply to processes, production facilities, as well as products. A constant review of customer satisfaction is important to identify and resolve potential problem areas.

Periodic management reviews of the QMS are conducted to ensure that it fully supports innovations in laser marking technology that could change or expand business objectives.

Customer Focus

Due to the criticality of quality management requirements in the aerospace industry, the quality of products and timely delivery are critical for customers, especially in view of current just-in-time manufacturing processes.

Hai Tech Lasers’ production must not only focus on meeting laser marking product specifications, but must also support their customers’ delivery schedules and, when necessary, respond promptly to customer comments and concerns.

Senior management acknowledges that customer satisfaction is a key element in the QMS, and that customer satisfaction encompasses all aspects of the QMS from initial planning to final and continued delivery of a quality product or service.

Features of Hai Tech Laser Marking System for Aerospace Applications

Our equipment can mark and engrave nonmetals such as plastics, ceramics, and thermo-elastomer rubber, and metals such as titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. The laser system provides various laser marking services to aerospace manufacturers.

The laser marking systems produced in our facility also adhere to regulations laid down in AS478-3 and MIL-STD-130 standards.

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. is a specialist in industrial laser marking services. We produce  different cutting-edge laser marking systems to produce precise and permanent markings for different applications. Our precise marking techniques and experience allow us to offer custom laser marking solutions to meet diverse requirements.

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