Circuit Board Laser Marking Solutions

Today, laser marking is used for branding, traceability, and identification of components. Laser marking and engraving is also useful for marking information regarding service, warranty, support, and compliance of electronic products. Laser marking and engraving is the preferred solution for adding information onto electronic parts and components.

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. provides fast and precise laser marking services for an assortment of electronic and semiconductor products and components.

Our Laser Marking Capabilities for Electronics and Semiconductors

  • PCB:
    Printed Circuit Boards Laser Marking: We provide permanent, solder-resistant, and machine-readable markings for printed circuit boards. This aids in assuring flawless quality, correct identification, and complete traceability across the entire product life cycle. Typical marking contents for PCBs include alphanumeric characters, complex 2D-data matrix codes, and custom content.

Laser Marking on USB

  • Hard Disk and USB Flash Drive Laser Marking:
    Laser marking is the premier choice for branding hard disks and USB flash drives since it is permanent and cannot be removed in any way. Laser marking USB and hard disk drives is also useful in terms of providing information regarding product warranties and customer support.
  • Hard Drive Cases Marking:
    The basic information provided on hard disk drive cases includes brand name, capacity, manufacturing details, and connector identification. We can achieve this with our advanced laser marking systems. We can also engrave any extra or custom information you may require.

Miscellaneous Electronics Parts Laser Marking

We provide laser marking services for practically all electronic parts made from virtually any material. The products we usually mark include:

  • Wiring harnesses
  • SMD components
  • Electrical housings
  • Battery and power sources

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