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Mini Flashlight Laser Marked With Hai Tech Lasers

Why Choose Laser Marking Services?

Industrial standards and government regulations require parts manufacturers in the automobile, aerospace and defense industries to permanently mark their products with a serial number or barcoding. Compared to alternative marking technologies, such as chemical etching or dot peen marking machines, laser marking provides consistent quality markings at a low price point with few consumables and no physical changes to the material surface. Our customers depend on our laser marking services to provide:

  • Consistent high quality
  • High processing speeds
  • Ability to mark all shapes and sizes of objects
  • Ability to mark a wide variety of materials
  • A flexible solution that leverages automation
  • Safe and long-lasting results
  • No contamination or damage to the workpiece
  • Low operation cost due to lack of consumables
  • High-contrast and high-resolution marking

Some parts manufacturers choose chemical etching or a mechanical dot peen marking machine to mark their products. Chemical etching is a technical, hands-on process with more consumables and greater costs. and a minor error can result in a loss of resolution in the etched marking and failure to comply with industry or regulatory guidelines. Dot peen marking also has its drawbacks – markings are less accurate and less readable, and the materials used must rate under 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Dot peen also cannot be used to mark bar codes. In contrast, laser marking can produce permanent, accurate and readable marks on a greater variety of materials, including metals of all hardness ratings and stainless steel.

Laser marking services are also ideal for product serialization, barcoding and marking in the electronics, medical devices, and semiconductor industries.

Who Loves Our Laser Marking Services?

Automotive Industry – Quality in manufacturing is a major focus in the automobile industry, and the traceability of each manufactured component is both a regulatory requirement and an industry best-practice. The automotive industry applies laser marking to back-lit buttons in the vehicle interior, electronic parts, nameplates, and other common vehicle features.

Aerospace Industry – Manufacturers in the aerospace industry face stringent requirements for component traceability and serialization throughout the manufacturing process and in the supply chain. Whether laser marking the hundreds of feet of wires that go into an aircraft or serializing individual components, aerospace manufacturers depend on laser marking to produce permanent, legible markings.

Mechanical Industry – Mechanical parts intended for industrial applications include drills, sensors, fasteners, steel rings, joint heads, and other products. These products must be engineered and manufactured to exact specifications, so it’s important that they are not damaged or altered in the marking process. That’s why the mechanical industry uses laser marking services to ensure that product traceability can be reliably established while maintaining the physical integrity and quality of each component.

Medical Device Companies – If you are building a medical device for sale in the United States, your device will be subject to the FDA regulations for medical device packaging, labeling and unique device identification (UDI). Medical device companies use laser marking to permanently mark their products with UDIs, serial numbers, or barcoding, ensuring traceability throughout the entire product life cycle.

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How Do We Do It?

Hai Tech Lasers uses high-quality precision laser marking technology to quickly, accurately and permanently mark a wide variety of materials. Our laser marking machines can be used to mark most plastics, all metals, ceramic, carbide, glass, granite, wood and more. Our assortment of cutting-edge laser machines includes

Whatever the industry or application, our laser markers provide the quality and functionality to meet your unique specifications. Our versatile equipment and capabilities make Hai Tech Lasers a valuable partner and industry leader in laser marking services.

What Else Can We Help With?

Laser Engraving – Our high-tech laser machines can produce detailed and permanent engraved markings on a range of metallic and non-metallic materials, including fabric, paper, wood, rubber, acrylic, stainless steel and more. You can visit our laser engraving service page to learn more about the benefits and applications of laser engraving.

Laser Cutting – Hai Tech lasers offer laser cutting services for metals (including bronze, silver, gold, tungsten, brass, and titanium), rubber, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, leather, and wood. We can laser cut designs, logos and texts using our low-cost, high-quality process with short turn-around time. You can visit our laser cutting service page to learn more about the products and designs that are possible with Hai Tech’s laser cutting expertise.

Laser Etching – Looking for laser etching services? Laser etching is a lot like laser engraving, but with a significantly smaller cut depth that makes it ideal for ultra-thin materials. Drop us a line to find out how we can help with your upcoming laser etching project.

Our Team is Here for You

At Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., we are committed to ensuring that your laser marking and laser engraving needs are being met in the safest, most reliable manner and remains our highest priority. As COVID-19 impacts our communities, we want to assure you that we are monitoring developments closely and are taking precautionary measures at our facility based on the latest State and Federal guidance. 

For the health and safety of our customers and employees, we are operating at a limited capacity with only critical staff and reduced hours of operation. We are still available to fulfill orders, provide quotes, and answer any questions by email or phone. 

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 Thank You and Stay Safe