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At Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., we offer exceptional laser marking for Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and surrounding Southern California. Our team works collaboratively with clients in numerous industries to provide affordable, superior service and cutting-edge laser marking technology for the accuracy, durability, and timeliness their applications require.

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What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking uses a high-powered beam of light to create precise, permanent markings on surfaces through the heat of the laser technology. An efficient and rapid process, it is also quite versatile, as numerous materials are well suited to laser marking, and different types of lasers can perform the process, including:

  • C02 lasers
  • Fiber lasers
  • Ultraviolet (UV) lasers

The resulting marks are long-lasting as the process incorporates a highly focused light beam rather than ink, which can fade due to time or abrasion. The marking process can encompass laser engraving, etching, and annealing. Laser marking is useful in adding clear serialization, barcoding, and other details or branding information to an item that humans or machinery can easily read and identify.

Los-Angeles-Laser-Marking-ServicesWhy Choose Laser Marking Services?

At Hai Tech Lasers, we focus on high-quality industrial laser marking and engraving to provide our customers with beneficial, cost-efficient services that surpass other marking capabilities. Laser marking utilizes fewer consumables and generates more accurate markings without actually altering a component’s surface. 

Alternatively, dot peen markings do not offer the resolution necessary for barcodes, and the technique works on materials with less than a 60 rating on the Rockwell hardness scale. For chemical etching with its costly consumables, even small mistakes can affect the clarity of the text or design and jeopardize regulatory compliance. 

Several of the characteristics that set our laser marking services in Los Angeles apart include:

  • Efficient Repeatability: Once programmed, automated laser technology can generate the same marking repeatedly for added efficiency in fast, high-volume production.
  • Versatility: Operators can alter the power and speed of the laser beam to generate accurate markings on a variety of material surfaces. As laser marking is a no-contact technique, the laser will not put unwanted stress on even the most sensitive of components. Also, as operators will find the laser technology easy to program and use, virtually any design is possible for marking a surface.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Laser marking does not require that operators utilize costly dyes, inks, or chemicals, nor replace or repair stylus tips or any other accessory tooling.
  • Longevity: Laser marking results in permanent, high-contrast markings that safely withstand wear or abrasion.

Who Loves Our Los Angeles Laser Marking Services?

Key factors behind the industrial sector’s continued adoption of laser marking are its accuracy and durability, especially for industries like defense and semiconductors that require permanent serial numbers or barcodes based on industrial or governmental regulations. Additional such industries include: 

  • Automotive Industry: Quality in manufacturing is a major focus in the automobile industry, and the traceability of each manufactured component is both a regulatory requirement and an industry best practice. The automotive industry applies laser marking to back-lit buttons in the vehicle interior, electronic parts, nameplates, and other common vehicle features.
  • Aerospace Industry: Manufacturers in the aerospace industry face stringent requirements for component traceability and serialization throughout the manufacturing process and in the supply chain. Whether laser marking the hundreds of feet of wires that go into an aircraft or serializing individual components, aerospace manufacturers depend on laser marking to produce permanent, legible markings.
  • Mechanical Industry: Mechanical parts intended for industrial applications include drills, sensors, fasteners, steel rings, joint heads, and other products. These products must be engineered and manufactured to exact specifications, so it’s important that they are not damaged or altered in the marking process. That’s why the mechanical industry uses laser marking services to ensure that product traceability can be reliably established while maintaining the physical integrity and quality of each component.
  • Medical Device Companies: If you are building a medical device for sale in the United States, your device will be subject to the FDA regulations for medical device packaging, labeling, and unique device identification (UDI). Medical device companies use laser marking to permanently mark their products with UDIs, serial numbers, or barcoding, ensuring traceability throughout the entire product life cycle.

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Materials Best Suited for a Laser Marker

Our team at Hai Tech Lasers incorporates advanced laser technology with high levels of exactness and speed to permanently mark the surfaces of a wide array of materials, including:

  •     Steel
  •     Stainless Steel
  •     Titanium
  •     Aluminum 
  •     Tungsten
  •     Ceramic
  •     Plastic 
  •     Wood
  •     Paper

Which Laser Marking System Is Right for Your Application?

Different laser types and marking methods are tailored to different marking needs, and that’s why Hai Tech offers such a variety of laser marking systems. Our state-of-the-art laser machinery includes:

Our versatile laser technology and accompanying services can meet customers’ unique requirements for function and quality, regardless of the application, making Hai Tech Lasers a valuable partner.

Differences Between Laser Marking and Laser Engraving

The major difference between laser marking and laser engraving is the amount of material lost in the process and the depth of laser penetration. Unlike the quick, high heat laser engraving process, laser marking is a slow, low energy, low temperature process that discolors the surface of the object without leaving a notable texture.

Choose the Best after Assessing Capabilities

Today, most of the laser marking service providers conduct part of their business online. As such, a majority of the leading laser marking providers maintain a website, which is frequently updated with their service offerings. These websites can be the main source of information, helping you assess the capabilities of the laser marking service providers.

When picking a laser marking service, shortlist a few service providers and compare their capabilities and kinds of services offered.

Select one after assessing their abilities. You can ask the following questions to judge their competency:

  • Can you mark both fragile and tough materials?
  • Can you make both shallow and deep engravings?
  • Can you mark linear barcodes and 2D data matrix symbols on metals and ceramics?
  • Can you import artwork from a variety of CAD and graphic file formats?
  • Can your laser marking systems be easily programed to engrave sequential serial numbers on plastic, rubber, and metals?
  • Can you mark text, logo, and graphics around the external surfaces of cylinders and shafts, or other curved surfaces?
  • Can you collect parts from our end, or should we deliver the item to your end?
  • In case of any damage to the work piece, will you compensate for the loss?
  • How much time do you take to return the laser engraved parts or products?
  • Will you dispatch the item free of cost, or should we pay for shipping?

If you get satisfactory answers to all these queries, then you can be assured of the credibility of the service provider. However, do not limit your questions to the aforementioned points. Get all your questions answered prior to making a selection.

What Else Can We Help With?

Laser Engraving – Our high-tech laser machines can produce detailed and permanent engraved markings on a range of metallic and non-metallic materials, including fabric, paper, wood, rubber, acrylic, stainless steel and more. You can visit our laser engraving service page to learn more about the benefits and applications of laser engraving.

Laser Cutting – Hai Tech lasers offer laser cutting services for metals (including bronze, silver, gold, tungsten, brass, and titanium), rubber, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, leather, and wood. We can laser cut designs, logos and texts using our low-cost, high-quality process with short turn-around time. You can visit our laser cutting service page to learn more about the products and designs that are possible with Hai Tech’s laser cutting expertise.

Laser Etching – Looking for laser etching services? Laser etching is a lot like laser engraving, but with a significantly smaller cut depth that makes it ideal for ultra-thin materials. Drop us a line to find out how we can help with your upcoming laser etching project.

Precision Laser Marking Services in Los Angeles, CA, from Hai Tech Lasers

With more than 30 years of experience, we are California’s trusted source for laser marking, engraving, cutting, and welding services in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. Hai Tech Lasers also offers worldwide distribution capabilities from our Santa Clarita facility. As an AS9100-certified company, we adhere closely to industry guidelines and high quality standards to produce a finished product that meets our customers’ aesthetic expectations as well as all functionality needs for optimal performance.
For more information on our available laser marking services and machinery, contact us or request a quote today.


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