Diode Pumped Laser Marking System, Nd:YAG

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Diode Pumped Laser Marking System for Precise Industrial Laser Marking and Etching

To fulfill the ever-growing demand for precision industrial laser marking and etching, Hai Tech Lasers offers diode pumped laser marking systems. It is water-cooled, compact, and consumes a low amount of power. The exceptional resonator design of the diode pumped laser marking machine can meet the requirements of most industrial precision marking.

Understanding Diode Pumped Laser Marking Machines

Diode pumped lasers are equipped with Q-switch control for diverse marking applications. They are most suitable for applications requiring high peak energy such as high throughput and deep engraving. Our line of Diode Pumped Lasers use Nd:YAG as a lasing medium. The machine operates within the output range of 30-60 W.

Benefits of Hai Tech Laser’s Diode Pumped Laser Marking Systems

    • High efficiency and long laser lifetime
    • Excellent beam quality enables the beam to be focused to smaller spot sizes
    • Numerous customization options available to help meet diverse needs
    • Various enclosure styles are available to fit your environment
    • Different output powers capable for laser marking and laser engraving
  • Various marking field sizes available including:
    • 4″x4″
    • 7″x7″
    • 12″x12″


Wavelength 1064 nm Beam Positioning Galvanometer
Output Power (Avg) 30-60 W Optics Plane Objective
Pulse Frequency 0-50 kHz Focal Length 100 mm, 254 mm, or 300 mm
Marking Field 4″x4″, 7″x7″, or 12″x12″ Premark Image Display Red LED (Optional)
Input Power 115 VAC, 30A, 1 PH    
Power Consumption 3 kW    
Water Cooled      

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