Providing Laser Marking Solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry

Unique and Versatile Laser Marking Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Laser marking systems are used for permanent marking to display a variety of information. This can include company data and logos, serial numbers, 2D bar codes, etc. As manufacturers are facing demands regarding traceability and compliance of their products with industry standards, they are opting for laser marking and engraving solutions. The oil and gas industry experiences one of the harshest environmental conditions, thus deep and permanent marking is important to certify complete traceability.

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. offers the best marking solutions to meet the demanding needs of the oil and gas industry.

Deep and Permanent Laser Marking for the Oil and Gas Market

Our laser machines feature the latest technology in the industry that allows us to offer the quickest and deepest graphics marking. The marks are assured to stay for the entire life of the product. Hai Tech Lasers has developed comprehensive pipe laser marking solutions for the oil and gas industry, and our drill bit marking services are second to none. We also offer custom marking solutions if required.

Applications of Laser Marking in the Oil and Gas Industry

A good number of oil and gas industry service require permanently marked parts for traceability and tracking.

In Production and Maintenance

  • Identification of parts, tools, and production equipment
  • Engraving of information labels, identification plates, safety tags
  • Identification of sensitive components and areas, directional signs, etc.
  • Permanent marking of text, logos, date and time, certification, plan numbers, etc.
  • Major items include valves, pumps, flanges, drill bits and tools, nameplates, measurement systems, cylindrical parts, sensors, tools, pipe couplings, etc.

On Operating Sites and Worksites

  • Deep and permanent marking of large and heavy parts
  • Badges for personnel operating on oil and gas platforms
  • Identification of materials and parts for inventory and quality control purposes
  • Engraving of plastic and aluminum panels and technical sign boards
  • Marking major items, including tubing, beams, metal, pipes, large structures, couplings, plates, electrical cabinets, worksite equipment, badges, etc.

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