Precision Laser Marking & Engraving for Jewelry

Lasers are used in the jewelry industry to attain unbeatable results. Lasers used for cutting, welding, or jewelry engraving are efficient and allow for pinpoint precision. Lasers do not heat the metal. Hence, the metal does not warp and the results are flawless. Additionally, lasers are controlled by computers which reduce the risks associated with human error. Gold jewelry laser marking or any necklace engraving performed with the help of lasers can achieve outstanding results.

Main Types of Services offered for the Jewelry Industry

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. offers the following solutions aimed at serving the jewelry industry:

  • Laser Cutting Jewelry – Laser cutting for jewelry is used when developing complex and intricate designs such as filigree. Small components can also be easily created with this machinery with zero error. Since laser cutting is extremely precise, burr formation is at a minimum, requiring very little work post production.
  • Laser Welding Jewelry – Welding is an important process in the creation or repair of jewelry. With the help of lasers, the work has become quicker and less tedious. When using lasers, no soldering material is required to fuse precious metals.
  • Laser Marking Jewelry – Marking or engraving is mostly performed to add some design or emotional sentiment to a piece of jewelry. It is mostly placed on the inner wall of the jewelry, which is difficult to mark manually and where nuances might be lost in a manual process. On the other hand, laser marking can achieve remarkable results in terms of recreating fonts and designs on jewelry that might have not been possible earlier. Therefore, people looking for a better alternative to ring engraving can opt for laser marking.

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. boasts a competitive set-up with technologically advanced machinery. Be it silver or other alloy laser marking, our competent engineering team can ensure brilliant results in fast turnaround time. With a wide range of offerings, we can guarantee complete client satisfaction.


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