HTL QT Desktop Laser System

HTL QT Desktop Laser System 3


Compact, Desktop Version of Hai Tech Lasers’ QT Fiber Laser Marking System

The HTL QT Desktop Laser System is a compact, desktop version of Hai Tech Lasers’ QT Fiber Laser Marking System. This ready to use fiber laser marking system is ideal for industrial applications. It provides permanent and non-contact marks on practically any material. The system is compatible with a wide range of parts and sizes.

Features of HTL QT Desktop Laser Marking System

The fiber laser marking unit offers immense flexibility and convenience with the following features:

  • 30″ wide x 26″ deep x 30″ tall with frontal access
  • The marking chamber of this system is rated for Class 2 safety
  • The system can be configured with a 20W, 30W, or 50W fiber laser
  • The marking area can be 4″x4″ or 7″x7″ with a 6″ movement over the Z-Axis
  • A computer is integrated into the system, along with all necessary electronic components
HTL QT Desktop Laser System 1


Designed To Meet the Customers’ Needs in a Compact Footprint

Our Desktop unit comes with a 6″ Z-Axis focus control, 20W Fiber Laser, and 7″x7″ marking area. This configuration can be used to mark all but the largest and most difficult marking jobs. Stainless steel, anodized and bare aluminum, coated metals, and plastics are only a small number of materials that can be marked with the desktop system.

The small footprint and compact size of the Desktop system means that this system can be placed right on your desk in your office. Small, custom pieces can be easily marked or engraved in the convenience and comfort of your office. Changes to artwork, design, or wording can be quickly made right at your desk with results being immediate. This type of system is ideal for:

HTL QT Desktop Laser System 2

  • Small, custom pieces with varying marks
  • Name tags
  • Keychains
  • Pens
  • Knives/Blades
  • Drill Bits/End mills
  • Small Medical Implants
  • Other Small Industrial Parts

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