Offering Reliable and Affordable Laser Engraving Services and Machines

Laser marking and engraving leaves a permanent mark on substrates, enabling effective traceability. Laser engravings can withstand harsh environmental conditions and is therefore and excellent choice for industrial products for easy identification.

At Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., we provide cost-efficient solutions for your laser marking and engraving needs. We manufacture custom laser marking and engraving machines at a reasonable price. We can laser mark, etch, or engrave characters, logos, graphics, and bar codes on a wide range of materials, including metal and glass. We can work with the most complex designs and deliver accurate results.

Possesses Diverse Array of Laser Engraving Equipment to Work with Any Material

Our comprehensive line of laser marking machines includes OEM models for in-line integration and sophisticated turnkey solutions. Our wide range of enclosures helps engrave on parts of any size with zero errors.

If you prefer to mark your own parts, we can supply you with laser engraving equipment customized to your needs anywhere in the USA region. Laser marking and engraving machines are available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Our in-house manufacturing processes allow us to customize laser marking equipment to your specific applications. We are equipped with advanced production machinery to manufacture affordable laser engraving machines providing outstanding results.

We Serve You Better!

Outsource your laser marking, engraving, cutting, and welding requirements to Hai Tech Lasers. We are located in the Santa Clarita Valley and can deliver the products anywhere in the USA region with a fast turnaround time.