Improve Your Manufacturing Processes & Productivity with Laser Welding

Traditionally TIG and MIG welding have been used as a preferred choice for welding small components due to their excellent weld finish. However, these welding processes require skill and finesse. In spite of being controllable, they suffer from several disadvantages. For instance, such welding methods transfer a substantial amount of heat to the workpiece. This affects the metallurgical structure of the workpiece around the weld.

laser welding has emerged as an excellent substitute that has outperformed traditional welding processes. Its tightly focused beam limits the heating effect, making it ideal for sensitive components. Also, laser welding is capable of accomplishing welding tasks that are beyond the abilities of traditional welding processes.

Advantages of Laser Welding Over Traditional Processes

Laser welding offers the following decisive benefits over traditional TIG, MIG, and spot-welding methods:

  • Deformation: Minimal deformity or shrinking is caused to weld parts.
  • No Contact: The laser head and material never come in physical contact.
  • Scrap: Laser welding is a controlled process that generates low volumes of scrap.
  • Weld Strength: It creates a narrow weld of higher strength with excellent depth-to-width ratio.
  • One Sided Welding: Unlike spot welding, this type of welding requires access to the workpiece from one side only. This reduces the cycle time.
  • Precision Work: The small and precisely controlled laser beam allows accurate micro-welding of miniature and odd shaped components.
  • Limited Fixtures: Laser welding requires limited fixtures compared to traditional methods. That saves equipment cost and floor space.
  • Heat Affected Zone: Very limited area of the workpiece is affected by the heat. Also, the adjacent material is not annealed due to rapid cooling.
  • Materials: It can weld all metals including stainless steel, high strength steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium, and precious metals. It is also ideal for welding two or more dissimilar materials.

Laser welding can solve various engineering problems, especially when it comes to components that are susceptible to distortion, sensitive to excessive heat input, and/or require exceptionally precise welding. Contact Hai Tech Lasers to know how laser welding can improve your manufacturing processes and productivity.

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