Applications and Benefits of Day and Night Laser Marking Technology

laser marking serves a wide variety of purposes across various industries. Lasers are effective for marking and engraving different types of surfaces. This has resulted in the usage of Laser engraving and marking systems in an assortment of applications.

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Advanced laser marking processes and techniques such as day and night laser marking are used for intricate applications. Day and night marking has become the recent industry standard for marking of backlit and illuminating surfaces. In fact, it has replaced the two-part injection molding process, which was previously used for generating similar results. This is because day and night laser marking is comparatively cheaper and much more flexible. It also provides precise and efficient results.

Applications of Day and Night Laser Marking

Day and night laser marking systems are used in applications where there is a need for backlit buttons and keys, or illuminated plastic-covered electronic panels. The day and night laser marking technique is mainly used in automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries.

The application of this technology can be found in almost all modern vehicles. Today, car manufacturers are installing keys and buttons on dashboards which have been created using day and night marking. This makes them easy to read during the day. At night, all instruments and controls are illuminated to provide a visible and well-lit panel to the motorist.

Another popular use of this technology is observed in the electronics industry. Consumer electronics products, electric panels, mobile phones, and laptop keyboards with the backlighting feature are produced using day and night marking technology.

Benefits of Day and Night Laser Marking and Engraving

Compared to two-part injection molding, day and night laser marking technology offers eclectic benefits. One of the most significant advantages of the day and night marking technology is that it can be used for illuminating smaller controls. This offers greater freedom to designers and manufacturers in terms of aesthetics and the layout of a product. Also, it is possible to create multi-color designs on different kinds of surfaces.

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