3 Challenges Faced by Laser Marking Job Shops

laser marking challenges

Laser marking is a popular service and is sought-after for its speed and precision. Like any other service, there are a variety of challenges that are faced by laser marking job shops. It is important that customers understand these issues. Let’s take a look at them.

Major Challenges of Laser Marking Job Shops

The following are the most common issues faced by companies that offer laser marking services.

  1. Engraving an Uncommon Material: Many times, customers come to laser marking shops asking to mark or engrave a material that the shop does not have experience with. Lasers create intense heat to engrave a product. If the marking process is done without research and consultation, the product can get damaged. Hence, it is important that the customer sits and discusses with the laser marking shop owner about the material, and the feasibility of performing the marking process. It is always helpful to have a sample part to do test marks on as well.

  1. Additional Costs: While the laser marking process requires only one machine, there are some additional costs that are incurred. Additional costs are mainly associated with time, logistics, and effort. For example, setting up the laser marking is a time consuming task, and customers are charged for the time spent on this. Other examples include unpacking and repacking the customer’s product, and handling charges. Customers need to inquire about any extra costs and take them into consideration when choosing this service.
  1. Creating Unique Identification Marks: If the client is creating specialized products, say for the military, there will be a need to create Unique Identification Marks (UID). Generally, UIDs need to comply with certain standards associated with an industry. The shop will need to encode data strings into the machine, which will allow the laser equipment to create the right marking. If the laser marking shop has never created such markings, then it can be a time consuming task. The customer needs to provide the right information, so that the shop can source the right data strings to create the markings.

Understanding the challenges of laser marking will allow customers to be more mindful of the work that is being completed. They can choose the service accordingly depending on the material, product volume, and the amount of time needed to get the job done.