Rotary Engraving Machines or Laser Engraving Machines; Which One is Suited for your Applications?

Engraving has come a long way from pointed sharp tools and pantograph engraving machines to sophisticated computerized machines. Today, engraving is a much simpler task, which has been made possible by several advances in hi tech machinery. Now you can create clear marks of logos, images, or small texts on any substrate utilizing the possibilities of highly advanced engraving machines.

So, which are the most popular engraving machines that are worth investing in? If you ask an industrialist, he will suggest either rotary engraving or Laser engraving machines. Both are beneficial in their own ways.  Let’s see the advantages of the two.


Advantages of Rotary Engraving Machines

The invention of the rotary engraving machine was a milestone which introduced a new era in engraving. Rotary engraving has completely replaced manual engraving machines, which consumed an excessive amount of time in marking details on the work piece. The advantages associated with rotary engraving machines are many:

  • Environmentally friendly; no fumes or residues created as by-products;
  • Allow engraving fine details on the substrate without damaging them;
  • Can create beveled-edge cutouts, ADA compliant signs, and uniform engravings easily;
  • Inexpensive and easy to maintain;
  • Ideal to etch both coated or non-coated metal substrates;


Advantages of Laser Engraving Machines

The introduction of laser engraving technology simplifies the engraving process even more. The technology uses a highly concentrated and coherent beam of light to create desired marks on virtually any material quickly. The notable benefits of laser marking machines are:

  • Allows non-contact marking;
  • Creates crisp, clean, permanent marks on stainless steel, aluminum, marble, natural stone, or any other hard materials;
  • Extremely fast, user-friendly, and easy to maintain;
  • Consumes very little power;
  • High speed and extreme accuracy;
  • Improved edge quality, minimizing expensive finishing operation;
  • Easy to operate and integrate.


Rotary or Laser; Which is the Best?

Although a lot of industrial applications utilize the advantages of laser machines, rotary machines are still alive and popular. Many industries use the combination of the two technologies to achieve the best results. Hence the choice is yours! Compare the capabilities of the two machines and carefully analyze your engraving needs. You will definitely find the right solution that best suits your application requirements.

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