Why Laser Welding is a Better Option than Traditional Welding Methods


Industrial lasers are versatile systems and can be used for marking, welding, cutting, and engraving. When it comes to welding, some organizations believe that traditional welding methods are superior to laser machines. However, laser work has a number of benefits that outperform traditional methods. Read on to know more.

 Beneficial Aspects of Laser Welding


  • Welding Versatility: Lasers have the capability to weld a variety of materials, from plastics to metals. As metals are generally the first choice as manufacturing materials, common examples include carbon steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, precious and dissimilar metals.
  • Precise Work: The size of the laser beam can be controlled by the user. This allows for freedom to perform different types of welds; e.g.: micro welds for miniature components.
  • Distance and Lack of Contact: One great advantage is that the laser machine can be set up a great distance away from the component. However this will not hinder the precision of the laser work. Also, as the laser head does not come in contact with the component, there is no chance of damage.
  • Less Waste: The entire process of laser welding is controllable. This results in very little scrap that is created in the process.
  • Weld Strength: As the beam of the laser can be reduced, the user has the capability to create a narrow weld in the material. Laser welding is known for creating high strength welds with excellent width-to-depth ratios.


  • Small HAZs: Despite the fact that lasers create a certain amount of heat, laser welding machines create very small Heat Affected Zones (HAZs). Once the welding process has been completed, the laser is switched off, reducing the amount of sustained heat. Thus, the welded area cools quickly, and does not anneal.


These various points prove that laser welding is the future when it comes to industrial welding processes.

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