Why Laser Marking Systems are Chosen to Create Barcodes?

Laser machines are ideal solutions for creating long lasting markings, such as barcodes on metal components. Have you ever wondered why customers prefer laser marking services to create barcodes? Have you ever wondered how scanners read barcodes? We answer these questions in this post.

Understanding Laser Marking for Barcodes

As you know, laser machines create barcodes consisting of parallel, vertical lines with spaces of varied widths between each other. The lines and the spaces represent data that can be scanned. A readable barcode allows an adequate contrast between the two sections. Also, the space and line dimensions must be exact to the type of barcode being created. The laser marked black vertical lines are designed to absorb more light. The white spaces are untreated regions, which reflect more light. This design allows scanners to read the data to identify a component or product.

How Scanners read Barcodes

Lasers are not only used to create the barcode, they are also the primary element in barcode scanners. The following points explain how scanners read barcodes.

  • The scanner comprises a laser diode, which is connected to a rotating optic. The laser moves across the barcode, lighting the black and white sections.
  • A semiconductor known as a photodiode receives the light that is scattered from the barcode. The diode converts the light into current, which is interpreted by electronic decoders.
  • The black and white sections of the barcode reflect light differently. Due to this, the scanner is able to differentiate the markings and the blank spaces within the code pattern. This allows the scanner to read the barcode effectively.


The use of diode laser marking system allows for both the creation, and the readability of barcodes. Laser marking machines can create the barcode to exact dimensions quickly and precisely. These various points are the reasons why customers always choose laser systems for barcode creation.


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