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What Are The Differences Between Etching & Engraving?

Answered on this page: What are the differences between laser engraving, etching and marking? When should I use laser engraving, laser etching, or laser marking? How do the methods and technologies differ for laser etching, engraving, and marking? What materials are best for laser engraving/etching/marking? Etching vs Engraving Have you ever wondered about the differences...
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5 Examples of Laser Etched Aerospace Applications

Photo by SpaceX The aerospace industry today represents what it means to have a global economy. The largest aircraft manufacturers in the world build planes and spacecraft using parts sourced from around the world – and we’re talking about a lot of parts. Aerospace manufacturers use direct part marking to help track the parts that...
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Benefits of Aerospace Laser Marking and Engraving

Answered on this page: Why does the aerospace industry use laser marking and engraving to identify parts? What are the laws and regulations for marking parts in the aerospace industry? What are the benefits of laser marking technologies for the aerospace industry? Laser marking technology is used in industrial applications around the world, from ensuring...
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How is Laser Marking Used in the Aerospace Industry?

Today’s aircraft, both commercial and military, can have very long operational lives. The average age of US airliners is 24 years, and the Air Force’s most recent operational B-52 aircraft rolled off the production line in 1962—56 years ago. Maintenance, repair, and support of these and all other aircraft require a constant supply of certified...
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3 Types of Laser Etching Machines for Metal

Answered on this page: What are the different types of laser etching machine? How do various types of laser etching machines produce different results? What type of laser etching machine do I need? What are the benefits of each type of laser etching machine? If you’re new to laser etching and getting ready to start...
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How Does Laser Etching Work?

Answered on this page: What is a laser? What is laser etching? What is the difference between laser etching and laser engraving? What types of lasers are used for laser etching projects? What are the most common laser etching applications? Laser technology has found its way into many industries in 2018, and laser etching is...
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9 Laser Engraving on Stainless Steel Best Practices

Answered on this page: What are the best practices for laser engraving on stainless steel? What are some common pitfalls when laser engraving on stainless steel? How do I configure a laser engraving machine for stainless steel? What are the best tips for laser engraving on stainless steel? Laser engraving on stainless steel is a...
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Why You Should Use a Laser Etching Machine for Metal

Answered on this page: How is metal used for laser etching projects? Is laser etching better than chemical etching for metals? How does laser etching metal work? What metals work with laser etching? If you’re looking to etch a unique marking onto any kind of metal in 2018, you need to make laser etching your...
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How to Prepare Vector Files for Laser Engraving

Answered on this page: What file types are used for laser engraving? What are vector files and why are they used for laser engraving? How can I create my own vector files for laser engraving? How does laser engraving work? Laser engraving is a type of laser marking that uses a high-powered laser to cut...
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