Laser Welding Services

Laser Welding Services

Precision Laser Welding with Maximum Durability

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. provides reliable laser welding services in Los Angeles. Our services stand apart from those offered by our competitors due to the combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. We work with various materials and ensure brilliant results. The equipment used by us is manufactured according to the highest industry standards.

High-Quality Finishing

All of our machinery is CNC-controlled ensuring precision and helping in time reduction. Using computer-aided technology also helps in repeatability, which can be a tough task when welding by hand and without the use of computer controlled equipment. Since our equipment does not generate as much heat as regular welding processes, there is minimal warping of the material. Hence, the product finish is almost flawless. In addition, laser welding does not require the use of fillers and fluxes, thus reducing overall costing and improving on the finishing of the product.

Testing at Hai Tech Lasers, Inc.

We make sure that every product that is serviced at our facility features high-quality welds. The final weld on the application is precise and is extremely durable. We perform visual inspections to ensure that the final product performs up to client’s expectations and passes our internal testing requirements.

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