UV Laser Marking Services

UV laser marking is advanced technology designed for high accuracy marking with results comparable to print performance. Our UV marking machine can etch a wide array of materials with clear, attractive, and long-lasting results. The smooth performance of the UV laser marking machine is achieved through short pulse width and high peak power. Laser marking can be applied to almost all materials, including plastics (PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, etc.), metal, paper, and more. 

Applications for UV Based Laser Marking Systems

Since UV-based laser marking can be used on various materials to provide permanent lettering or images, it offers many practical applications. Laser marking is useful in adding clear serialization, branding information, barcoding, and other details that humans and machines can easily read. Popular uses of laser marking include

  • Custom etching for advertising and souvenir products
  • Engraving of corporate logos on souvenirs like charms, frames, pens, business cards, watches, ashtrays, and lighters
  • Industrial marking on products, such as the engraving of printed circuit boards
  • Engraving of various drawings on iron, plastics, etc.
  • Etching on certificates and awards boards
  • Glass etching

Why Choose a UV Laser?

There are various reasons marks are needed on products for identification purposes and traceability. In the past, ink was the method used for these markings. However, ink can easily fade, be removed, or altered. These are the top benefits of using UV laser marking:

  • Overall Speed: Ink printing can be mechanically complex, and some materials take considerable effort to effectively absorb ink. UV laser marking eliminates downtime associated with maintenance and frequent cleanings while requiring less power to produce a clear mark.
  • Flexible Processing: Product authenticity and traceability is important for product recalls on parts of all sizes. Laser marking can be used on practically any material of any size. The process is used in complex industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense DOD, medical, and electronics. It can also be implemented on small products like o-rings or seals.
  • Minimized Contamination: While ink is traditionally non-toxic, printing equipment requires the use of solvents and lubricants that can contact and contaminate the product. The laser marking device operates without directly contacting the product, which generates a clean operation with little risk of contamination, making it ideal for industries that require sterile products. 
  • Maximize Authenticity: UV lasers create crisp, permanent marks that are easy to read and outperform printed marks. Laser marking is tamper-proof, easy to read, and compatible with specific environments, making the labels and codes difficult to counterfeit.

What Are the Benefits of Using a UV Marking Service?

Laser marking is ideal for a diverse range of industries. The process is simple and versatile, improves visibility, and can be used on multiple materials of all sizes. Other benefits of laser marking include:

  • Permanent and fade resistant identification
  • Precise and efficient markings
  • Quick setup
  • Low tooling costs
  • High-contrast marking
  • Works with any substrate material
  • Spot size starts at 0.01 mm (0.004 inch) and can go larger

UV laser marking meets all the qualifications and requirements necessary across multiple industries. The process is faster, more accurate, and longer-lasting than traditional print options. At Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., we offer superior laser marking for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and the surrounding Southern California communities. Learn more about our services or get your free quote right away.


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