Nonmetal Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting is a popular manufacturing process that uses a precise, high-power laser to cut through metal and nonmetal materials. At Hai Tech Lasers, we use CO2 lasers to cut nonmetals such as plastics, wood, paper, and fabric. Our laser cutting process is precise and accurate and produces clean edges.

If you’re looking for nonmetal laser cutting services, we can help. We offer various laser cutting services, such as custom cutting, marking, and engraving. Learn more about our nonmetal laser cutting capabilities and their common applications.

What Nonmetal Materials Can Be Cut With Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machines?

The laser cutting process directs a laser beam at the material that needs to be cut, then melts, vaporizes, or burns away the material, leaving a clean edge. Laser cutting is a fast, precise process and can be used to create complex shapes and designs.

Here are the main types of nonmetal materials that can be cut using our machines.

  • Plastics: Our CO2 lasers can sublimate acrylic glass, producing a quick, clean cut with minimal material waste. Our machines can cut plastics of varying thicknesses, and high-quality cuts result in optically clear edges.
  • Wood: Wood cannot absorb the radiation of other types of lasers, but CO2 lasers can create intricate designs or cut through the substrate quickly and efficiently. The speed and intensity of the laser can be controlled so that it can cut partially or completely through the wood’s thickness.
  • Paper: The high beam quality of CO2 lasers makes them ideal for cutting paper. The focused laser beam can easily slice through paper of varying thicknesses without damaging the material. Galvo scanner heads ensure high speed and flexibility, cutting complex shapes with ease. CO2 laser cutting quality is superior compared to die-cutting and other mechanical techniques. Capable of quick modulations, lasers can create continuous cuts, micro-perforations, or other types of cuts without slowing down.
  • Fabrics: Laser cutting can cut single or multiple layers of fabric. The high-power laser vaporizes or melts away the textile so that the fiber ends do not fray. This cutting method is often used to produce clothing and automotive airbags.
  • Foils, labels, self-adhesives: Lasers cut through foils without flaking or needing post-processing. The process can also create labels and other self-adhesive products that require multiple layers of material. 

Capabilities of Our Mixed Metal and Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine

At Hai Tech Lasers, our laser cutting machines can handle both metal and nonmetal substrates. Plastics and organic materials can be cut with clean, precise edges. Some of the nonmetal materials we cut include:

  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Fabrics
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Leather

We perform these services:

  • Cutting
  • Marking
  • Engraving

Applications of Mixed Metal and Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines can create products across a variety of industries, including:

  • Advertising: Laser cutting and engraving produces signs, banners, and other promotional materials for the advertising industry.
  • Leather processing: Lasers cut and carve leather into different shapes and sizes.
  • Arts and crafts: Laser technology can cut and engrave intricate designs in shells, wood, bamboo, ivory, paper, and other materials.
  • Packaging: In the packaging industry, laser cutting and engraving cut shapes into rubber, cardboard, plywood, and other materials.
  • Model: Laser cutting machines can create precision parts for toy, construction, maritime, and aviation models and prototypes.
  • Electronics: Laser cutting is essential in the electrical and electronics industries, where materials must be cut with great accuracy to ensure a proper fit.

High-Quality Nonmetal Laser Cutting Services From Hai Tech Lasers

Hai Tech Lasers offers a wide range of metal and nonmetal laser cutting services to meet your needs. Our team can help you choose the best solution for your application and deliver it on time. Request a quote today to get started on your next project.


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