Alternative Application Markets for Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is extremely popular in a variety of industries. These include defense, medical, aerospace, architecture, automotive, & electronics, to name a few. However, laser engraving need not be confined to such markets only. There are quite a few market opportunities that laser engraving service providers can capitalize on.

An Array of Alternative Markets

A few examples of various markets that providers in the laser engraving service can look at are given below.

    • Signboards: Be it public areas, restaurants, or even government and private organizations, signboards are used everywhere. With the continual rise of different types of real estate (commercial, industrial and residential), signboards will always be in demand. Laser engraving can be used to create signboards of various sizes with clear, legible messages. Examples of these include exit signs, restrooms, desk easels, name signs, ‘line forms here’ boards, door signs, no cell phones, warning, and mailbox signs.


    • Wood Products: Wood is a common material used to create various laser engraved products. However, not many engravers capitalize on this material. There are numerous wooden items that may require laser engraving. A few examples of wood engraving items include: key holders, pen stands, key chains, photo frames, and keepsake boxes.


    • Ceramic Products: When thinking of ceramic products, generally, ornaments and coffee cups come to mind. However, laser engraving can also prove beneficial for other applications. Laser engraved ceramic tiles can be used for the creation of wall murals in restaurants, company lobbies, and public swimming pools. They can also be used as signs in corrosive or high temperature environments such as saunas.


    • Barcodes: With the continual growth of product manufacturing processes, the needs for barcodes are higher than ever. Barcodes need not necessarily be provided as a sticker. They can also be engraved directly onto the product. A well-known example of this would be automotive engines. Engraved barcodes are also required for military vehicles and machinery. In agriculture, many manufacturers engrave the barcode onto their equipment for superior tracking purposes.


    • silver piled coin metal laser engraving service Coated and Uncoated Metals:Laser engraving provides a huge advantage when working on coated and uncoated metals like anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and colored brass plates. The engraving work can be done efficiently, ensuring that the finished component or product fetches a higher price. It also eliminates the need to use rotary cutters, which can get damaged after continuous usage for long periods of time. Applications can include control panels, industrial ID tags, sheet stock, and legend plates.


Research has proven that laser engraving can become a large scale industry. Research firm “Markets and Markets” has forecasted an incredible growth in the global laser processing industry. It is expected to grow to $17.36 billion by 2020. This is a definite rise from the 2014 amount of $11.24 billion. This information clearly shows that laser machinery will no longer be just a small part of a production factory, but a vital method for manufacturing.

Lasers are extremely flexible machines, and limiting their work to just one or two items could be detrimental to a business. As lasers are more precise and longer-lasting than rotary cutters, multiple items or large orders can be completed quickly and accurately. Hence, if you haven’t taken a look at laser engraving or processing for your facility, this would be a good time to do so.

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